Mr Sam continues his series and releases the new “Opus Quarto”


French Mr Sam invented and nurtured his Opus concept back in 2007 and since then, he annually catered the global trance community with not just another compilation. Music wise, the Opus series stands for complete artistic freedom, where quality rather than quantity is priority. With the release of 3 Opus episodes so far, Mr Sam once again underlines his exquisite taste in trance music. November 2010 sees the release of the long awaited fourth volume in this series, entitled “Opus Quarto: Jerusalem”.

For many fans it is a known fact that Sam’s choice of tracks during his many live DJ sets was more than often translated onto CD. The release of “Opus” in July 2007 was praised by trance addicts worldwide and was successfully followed by “Opus Secundo” and “Opus Tertio”. The series can be seen as a blueprint of what one might expect when Sam is serving the crowd at a party, in a club, on any continent. Instead of focusing on euphoria and massive breakdowns, Sam uses his series to showcase a high level of ambiance and atmosphere.

Mr Sam had the idea to devote this new OPUS to the city of the sacred Jerusalem, which occurred after he went there and returned with the framework of his world tour for his “Pop Model” album. Sam knows that the subject is sensitive for multiple reasons, as everyone will know. Nevertheless, Sam has no other aim than the listener’s trust in music that he felt when he visited the mythical city. He is happy to be the first DJ to devote an album to Jerusalem.

As with the previous volumes, Sam was in control of the track list and he once again serves his fans hand picked jewels from his personal vault of trance treasures. It reflects the titles of choice of a DJ/Producer on a mission, exercising crucial judgments for this compilation.
All tracks have been exclusively composed for Opus Quarto. Some titles are typical Mr Sam productions; others were made in collaboration with hidden talents around the globe and some by fellow producers. A hot new talent like KhoMha for instance features with both his own title “Sharem” and a remix of Mr Sam’s “One Day”, other great names are Thomas DeColita, Makotrax, Pinkflood and many, many more; all in all a sparkling showcase of brand new and absolutely state of the art electronic dance cuts.   

To support the release of his new mix compilation, Mr Sam will kick off his “Opus Quarto World Tour” in November 2010. It will be a great surprise for the fans to see that Mr Sam has to offer; here is the track list!  

Track list:
01. Thomas DeColita - Jerusalem (Opus Quarto Intro)
02. Amurai featuring Sean Ryan - Killing Me Inside (Intro Mix)
03. Makotrax - Persuade Me
04. Pinkflood featuring Tiff Lacey - Someone Like You (James Nelson Like Prog Remix)
05. Mr Sam featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw - One Day (KhoMha Remix)
06. KhoMha - Sharem (Sunrise Mix)
07. Mr Sam vs. Fred Baker present As One - Forever Waiting (Sesta Remix)
08. Natho - Dreamer’s Symphony
09. Sesta - Runaway
10. Nuera featuring Szen - Love Lost (Electro Mix)
11. Ruby & Tony - Hindi
12. Sesta - On Fire
13. Moonpax - Ahava

The CD can be pre-ordered at the Black Hole Online Store; the digital download is exclusively available at Beatport.

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