Manufactured Superstars feature in Booyah’s iPhone app game “Nightclub City DJ Rivals”


The first rhythm-based, role-playing social game (RPG) for mobile devices, Booyah’s Nightclub City DJ Rivals app takes players on an epic beat battle that bridges the real and virtual worlds. At its core, the game is a robust music and rhythm adventure where players tap, fade and scratch music tracks from Manufactured Superstars to defeat all comers and unlock new items and abilities for their DJ avatars.

Players take on the role of an up and coming indie DJ battling against the faceless elements of Big Hits Records and BlandCorp, who are trying to take over the city and make music boring and safe. Players battle to raise their profiles, becoming bigger and bigger names within town, eventually taking on the drones of Big Hits in a series of challenging “boss” battles. Do you have what it takes to drop the bass on the CEO of Big Hits?

To put a stop to BlandCorp’s devious plans, Manufactured Superstars, in the game aptly described as ‘the high altitude DJ superstars from Denver’ rushed to Nightclub City when they heard what happened to the club scene. With their music, they will distort the beats for a tricky fight!

Crowd-pleasing party DJs, Brad Roulier and Shawn Sabo of Manufactured Superstars serve-up an irresistible blend of high-energy electro, tech-house and pop-tinged hooky delights. The duo's success is attributed to their production and remixing prowess, enthusiastically leading their audiences. Embarking on a 25-date DJ residency at XS Nightclub at the Wynn in Las Vegas and with new tunes soon-to-be-released on Black Hole Recordings, Manufactured Superstars are a sure bet.

Booyah's DJ Rivals is now available for immediate download in the App Store. 

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