Johan Gielen presents “Global Sessions, Vol.2: the Fall Edition”


Covering all four seasons of the year with his Global Sessions series, Dutch DJ/Producer Johan Gielen proudly presents the second volume, aptly entitled the Fall Edition.

Most of us are still enjoying volume one, the Summer Edition, which reached number 30 in the USA iTunes charts. But time flies when you are having fun and in some parts of the world, the leaves are falling, the days get shorter and we slowly but surely move towards autumn. So it is the right time for Johan Gielen to present his brand new mix compilation “Global Sessions, Vol2: the Fall Edition”.

With this new volume, Johan ceased the opportunity to focus on releases from both upcoming and established producers. Of course Johan Gielen also features in the collaboration he did with Japanese DJ/Producer Tetsuya for the track “Skyscraper”. Another brand new release is “Sub Base” by Cor Fijneman. The overall sound of the entire mix is one that shows that Johan Gielen is perfectly able to anticipate the changes of the season, simply by selecting the right tracks with warm arrangements, lengthy and touching breaks, but with a constant focus on the dance floor. Johan’s track listing nowadays is less trance oriented and moves subtly between clubby and techno style productions, as becomes clear from tracks by Fred Baker Presents Saona 2 with “I Miss U”, J-Soul with “Follow Changes” and Dean Newton with “The Fourth Floor”.

“Global Sessions, Vol.2: the Fall Edition” mixed by Johan Gielen is the perfect follow up in an attractive series and a must have for every serious EDM lover!

01. Suspect 44 - There's No One (Broken vs. Shipstadt & Warren Remix)
02. Soarsweep - Madarika Beach (Original Mix)
03. J-Soul - Follow Changes
04. Fred Baker Presents Saona 2 - I Miss U (Original Mix)
05. Craving - First Feeling
06. Simon Steur - The Conjurer (Simon Steur Remode)
07. Marcia Juell - Calling
08. Johan Gielen vs. Tetsuya - Skyscraper
09. Cor Fijneman - Sub Base
10. Dean Newton - The Fourth Floor
11. Craving - Aquatica
12. JPL - Remembrance
13. T.O.M. - Monsoon (Jason van Wyk Remix)
14. JPL - Young Love
15. Alex O’Rion - Gobsmacked
16. Space RockerZ - When In Rome (Bastian Salbart Vision)

The digital download is available at iTunes, Beatport, Trackitdown, Audiojelly or the portal of your personal preference.

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