DJ Tiësto - “Magik Three: Far From Earth” digital release available for the first time


“Magik Three: Far From Earth”, originally released in 1998, was the third follow up in the series that DJ Tiësto released on his Black Hole Recordings label. Firmly establishing DJ Tiësto’s reputation as the soon to become Number 1 DJ Of The World, the legendary Magik series eventually covered seven volumes. “Magik Three” now sees its long awaited rerelease, for the first time in the digital domain.

This third volume once again confirms the absolute landmark of the entire Magik series: the fabulous high quality music featuring in the track list. For close to almost 80 minutes, we get to enjoy DJ Tiësto behind the live turntables, offering a steady string of classic trance cuts full of touching, melodic, sometimes symphonic and, most importantly, highly emotional electronic dance music. Majestic titles such as “Cruising” by Allure, “Lost You Somewhere” by Chicane, “Dove Beat” by La Paloma, “Ice Rain” by Alex Whitcombe & Big C, "Wings Of Love" by Scoop, "Breathe In You" by Tekara and many others showcase the undeniable sound of Tiësto. As with the previous releases we see DJ Tiësto’s own alias productions like “Sea” by Hammock Brothers, "Gouryella" by Gouryella (a co-operation with Ferry Corsten) and of course the trademark DJ Tiësto production "Theme From Norefjell" in the Magikal Remake.

Tiësto fans will be glad to add this rerelease to their collection. The digital download of “Magik Three: Far From Earth” comes in one complete package, featuring the original continuous DJ mix plus the full length, unmixed versions of all sixteen original tracks as used for the actual CD release. Most of these classics have in some cases never left the realm of the vinyl-only releases and nowadays fetch top dollar in online auctions, so this might in most cases be the first and only opportunity ever to finally own them.

For the first time released in the digital domain, “Magik Three: Far From Earth” is finally available in all its audiophile luster, carefully remastered and including all unmixed single tracks; another must have and essential rerelease for every Tiësto fan and collector!

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