Black Hole Recordings officially rereleases DJ Tiësto - “Magik Two: Story Of The Fall”


“Magik Two: Story Of The Fall”, originally released in May 1998, was the third live turntable mix that DJ Tiësto released on his then one year old Black Hole Recordings label. Firmly establishing DJ Tiësto’s reputation as the soon to become Number 1 DJ Of The World, the legendary Magik series eventually covered seven volumes. “Magik Two” now finally sees its highly anticipated rerelease, for the first time in the digital domain.

The follow up to the successful volume 1 stays true to what became the landmark of the entire Magik series: the indisputable superb quality of the track list. For almost 80 minutes, the audience could enjoy DJ Tiësto playing trance in its purest form, offering epic, melodic, at times orchestral and above all deeply emotional electronic dance music. Monumental titles like “Planetary” by HH, “1998” by Binary Finary, “Dawnbreaker” by Luke Cage, “Waters (Phase III)” by Taucher and many others set the standard of what already had become the sound of Tiësto. Also present are DJ Tiësto’s own alias productions like “Rejected” by Allure, "Cry For Love" by Clear View, "Subspace Interference" by Control Freaks and “Earth” by Hammock Brothers.

The true Tiësto fans simply can’t do without this rerelease. The digital download of “Magik Two: Story Of The Fall” comes in one complete package, featuring the original continuous DJ mix plus the full length, unmixed versions of all sixteen original tracks as used for the actual 1998 CD release. Most of these classics only once appeared on vinyl and nowadays change hands amongst traders for incredible prices, so this is a unique and maybe even the first opportunity ever to finally own them all.

For the first time released in the digital domain, “Magik Two: Story Of The Fall” is finally available in all its audiophonic luster, painstakingly remastered and including all unmixed single tracks; another must have and essential rerelease for every Tiësto fan and collector!

The digital download is available for $5.99 on Amazon until September 19th.

You can also pre-order the release on iTunes

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