Adam Sheridan presents debut artist album “Timezone”


Few DJs can claim to be truly global. From The UK to the Balearics, San Francisco to the Far East, and from South America to Asia, Adam Sheridan takes his genre busting, electronic sound to all corners of the Earth. He is one of the most in demand Electronic Dance Music artists at the moment and especially 2010 has been an exciting journey for Adam, who finishes his summer season this year as one of the Top 100 DJ's of the world. To underline the worldwide character of his career, Adam Sheridan presents his debut artist album entitled “Timezone”.

Adam’s long awaited debut album revolves around the concept that made the title “Timezone”. It’s in fact a series of six unique tracks, all inspired by different continents around the globe that Adam has visited over his career. Each track is as diverse and original as the next, bringing influence from Adam’s experience from each different part of the world. The sound of the album brings to life nearly ten years of taking his unique musical performance right across the globe. The series was initially available in six instalments and following all releases, Adam picked an artist to take on remixing duties, offering a different slant on the original. After all the tracks had appeared, the whole album including all remixes was blended into a real musical journey. To the listener, “Timezone” truly listens as a showcase of Adam’s creative and innovative talent.

Adam also is the driving force behind his own label, Electrik Playground; the imprint he uses for his own output and, of course, his debut album. His fans will be happy to know that, besides Adam’s three most recent single releases, entitled “GMT+1 Ibiza”, “GMT-8 Los Angeles” and GMT+8 Manila”, the album also features the exclusive new additions representing Melbourne, Cartagena and Guatemala City. And with remixes from Alex Diaz, Taurus & Vaggeli, Joe Brunning, Adam Brown, Sami Saari and Morris Chestnut, the release of this album is not to be missed! 

Track list:  

01. GMT +11 Melbourne
02. GMT -8 Los Angeles
03. GMT +1 Ibiza
04. GMT -8 Los Angeles (Taurus & Vaggeli Remix)
05. GMT +8 Manila
06. GMT +8 Manila (Sami Saari Remix)
07. GMT +1 Ibiza (Morris Chestnut Remix)
08. GMT -6 Guatemala City
09. GMT -5 Cartagena (Alex Diaz Remix)
10. GMT -5 Cartagena
11. GMT -6 Guatemala City (Joe Brunning Remix)
12. GMT +11 Melbourne (Adam Brown Remix)

The CD is available at Black Hole Online Store and

The digital download is available through iTunes, Beatport, Dance-Tunes, Juno Download, Trackitdown or the portal of your personal preference.

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