International trance heavyweight Sean Tyas has inked a 2-album deal with one of the most lauded dance record labels of all time, Black Hole Recordings. The news comes as Tyas is riding high on the success of his latest hit single, “Now You See,” which continues to dominate the top of the...

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Sociobesity: spread the word!

The following phrase is taken from a dictionary:

(Mass noun)

Pronunciation: səʊʃɪəʊ/ /ə(ʊ)ˈbiːsɪti/
The condition of being overly present on social media.

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Black Hole Radio this week with a guestmix from Rezone

The show is also packed with great tracks by Ad Brown, Solarstone, Alucard, Ido, George Acosta, Glenn Morrison, Adam Nickey, Jelle Boon and Ben Negative. We also have a guestmix from Rezone. Enough reasons to tune in to Black Hole Radio on all the different stations!!

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Black Hole Radio this week with Sied van Riel

To celebrate the upcoming release of 'Rielism 2' we have got two exclusive tracks from Sied Van Riels' new compilation. Of course the show is also packed with great tracks by Andain, Agnelli & Nelson, K.S.Y., Rezone, Andy Duguid, Steve Sanders, 2nd Phase and Giuseppe Ottaviani. Enough reasons to...

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Sied Van Riel presents Rielism 2

The last 50 weeks have seen Sied van Riel track-blasting his way around the electronic dance universe’s most prominent clubs, arenas and festivals. December 16th will see him transit 2013/2014 through the release ‘Rielism 2’. The follow-up to his much-champed 2011 debut mix-voyage, it’s...

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Black Hole Radio this week dedicated to Ad Brown

To celebrate the upcoming release of his first artist album ‘Something For The Pain’ we’ve done an interview with Ad and he has done this weeks' guestmix. Of course the show is also packed with great tracks by Airscape, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Manufactured Superstars featuring Danni Rouge and...

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Another Day At The Office: Music, for what it's worth...

This following piece is not some lecture about illegal downloading and why you should pay to listen to music.
I like to focus on why you should consider paying to listen to music.
Music has been with people since the beginning of times, how cheesy it may sound: music is pure emotion.
You maybe...

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Ad Brown interview and Guest Mix on DI.FM

Our Black Hole Radio show will be broadcasted tonight at 7 PM CET on the DI.FM station. Ad Brown has a big part in this weeks’ show.

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