Black Hole Distribution

Black Hole Distribution is a full service distributor of musical content, of both physical and digital products.

Black Hole Distribution's key value is being the most comprehensive serviceprovider. We aim to offer excellent service and a wider scope of business as opposed to standard aggregators and other distributing companies.

Black Hole Distribution’s primary goal is the continuous development towards being the only digital distributor with an outstanding status; to provide or assist our clients with marketing tools, database-marketing, physical distribution, licensing, mobile applications and social media statistics; custom services to fit all needs for labels and/or artists.

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"If you're looking for an easy and professional way to get your music to all major online stores, Black Hole Distribution is the way to go." - Celwin Frenzen, Flashover Recordings

"Black Hole Distribution is such an amazing company to work with. The people are incredibly friendly and helpful on so many levels. The online uploading capabilities have made things even better for me. I love that I can login from anywhere in the world and get releases delivered and know that they will do the rest getting everything to all the stores and beyond. After working for Beatport for so many years and knowing the in’s and out’s of the distro biz Black Hole could not be a better all around company for me and my label needs today :-)" - Tom Havens, Manufactured Music / Moody Recordings A&R / Label Manager  

'Besides being a good business partner, Black Hole Recordings is also a trusted and sparring partner with which we have a valuable relationship. I appreciate Black Hole Recordings for its expertise and would definitely recommend them for any project.' - Peter Streefkerk, Marketing Manager Amsterdam Classics B.V.

"Er wordt zoveel gezegd over alles en iedereen in de muziekindustrie maar ik moet zeggen dat de samenwerking met Black Hole Distribution een zeer prettige ervaring is. Ik zie de toekomstige samenwerking dan ook met veel vertrouwen en genoegen tegemoet." - Marc Walboomers – Walboomers Records 

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