Thanks for considering Black Hole Recordings! You are always welcome to send us your original productions for label consideration.

We love receiving demos in our in-box but as you will understand the vast amounts we receive each day make it impossible for us to reply to every single one of them.

Soundcloud is making our lives much easier these days and that is why urge everyone to use our Soundcloud Dropbox:

Please make sure you own the copyright to your production. Your production also has to be free of unauthorized samples and/or vocals.

We only accept originals. Remixes, bootlegs, mash-ups and alike will not be taken into consideration and instantly deleted.

Deliver your track with proper file naming, i.e. [Artist Name] - [Title] and do not forget to leave a valid email address!

(!) Due to the large volume of demos we are receiving, we can’t reply to each one personally, unfortunately. However, we do listen to all demos and we’ll most definitely be in touch if we feel it suits our label (-s)