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"Santerna's music is following, melodic and uplifting but with out being being obvious. His style even on remixing is unique and is always full of imagination, you can clearly hear just how much time and thought has gone into every production, quite simply his music is a joy to listen to and more importantly works so well in the club. Not stereotyped to one sound he has shown numerous times his fantastic production and writing knowledge with his ability to conquer any genre he decides to take on, but he never bows to formality and always brings his own personal stamp to everything he does. I can wholeheartedly say Santerna is an artist that is very much set for great things..." - Dale Corderoy

Alexander began his career as a musician in his native city - Moscow in 2004. After some years, Santerna found his way in music space, filling his niche with multifarious variations and mixtures in progressive style.

Santerna was the first Russian musician, to have his works released on Mondo Records - one of the world leading labels, oriented on trance and house music. This label, owned by Darren Tate, presents works of such outstanding musicians and DJs as Brisky, Hemstock & Jennings, Adam White, Flash Brothers, Nimmo & Bayer, Kris O'Neil vs D.Kandi, Darren Tate (aka DT8 Project) and many others. Alexander is also known under a pseudonym of Fadelon, under which several tracks were issued on this label. Santerna presumes that passing everything he does through himself is vital. Only then each work will obtain something unique. That is why having herd his music once, you're likely to never forget it - so intimate, intellectual, tuneful it is. Besides, the sounding is absolutely unique. And these are not all the factors that make his music special.

Pedro Del Mar: "He's definitely one of the most talented producers from Eastern Europe and has his own style. He's going to have a great future. His tunes have surreally all been greatly produced and he’s having his own style which is positive and also very important. I do mostly hear a new Santerna’s production without reading the artist name". The first single appeared on August 28, 2006 on German label "Shan Music", owned by DJ Shah and Pedro Del Mar. In that year, Alexander starts performing as a DJ. During just one year, he managed to perform in Barnaul, Ufa, Kirov and twice in Novosibirsk. His special way of serving music compositions, energy and atmosphere of performances are remarkable.

In autumn 2007, in co-authorship with Shifted Reality (a musician from Novosibirsk), the first single record appeared on the "Alter Ego Records" label. The complete title of the single - "Shifted Reality & Santerna feat. Tiff Lacey - On This Day" It included the following works: original track and remixes by Abbott & Chambers and Chad Cisneros. Darren Tate aka DT8 Project: "Santerna is certainly one of the up and coming name in the dance world and with his unique style of music is sure to go far. Expect much more from this exceptional new producer."

Santerna`s tracks frequently appeared in rotation in the shows: Global DJ Broadcast, by the leading world DJ Markus Schulz, Corstens Countdown by Ferry Corsten, and Trance Around The World by Above & Beyond. Alexander`s works are supported by Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, tyDi, Solar Stone, Ernesto vs Bastian, DJ Shah, Hawk, Chris Chambers, M.I.D.O.R., Adam White, Dale Corderoy & Darren Tate, Niklas Harding, Jon O'Bir, Ronski Speed, Andy Moor, Matt Darey, Manuel Le Saux and many others.

Guest mixes by Santerna have already appeared in such popular programs as "The DeepBlue Radioshow", by Solarstone, "Mellomania" (presenters are DJ Shah and Pedro Del Mar), "Alter Ego Sessions" (presented by Chris Chambers and Matt Abbott), and also in program "The Signs" presented by Volodya Fonar` on DFM. A debut album “All About Twelve” appeared under a prominent American label System Recordsings in the fall of 2009. A CD-version also appeared under the Russian label
Diamond Records.

Now Santerna actively creates new tracks and remixes that appear under various labels. Santerna is arranging for his new creations to appear under the legendary label Black Hole Recordings in August, 2010. "Santerna has been releasing a steady stream of beautiful, deep and moody prog trance masterpieces for the last couple of years, he is one of the few producers today that can create analogue emotion in a digital world…" Solarstone