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Airscape dunked the scene with successful releases such as Cruising, Pacific Melody, L’Esperanza, Amazon Chant and Sosei - still considered as all time trance classics - were not only supported by the aristocracy of world DJ’s, but also found their way onto a pile of global compilations with sales exceeding millions of copies combined.

One of Airscape most well-known remixes is that of the Delerium song "Silence", which was used as the lead single release and in the music video of the song when it was re-issued in 2000, reaching the top 3 of the UK Singles Chart.

The name Airscape was first used and composed by Johan Gielen and Sven Maes [ 1992 till 2003] In 2003, Maes and Gielen announced they were dissolving Airscape, each going solo. Their last track, "Sosei", was released in 2004.

Since 2005, the Airscape project took a firm break but as of 2009, it was Johan Gielen personally who resurrected Airscape and injected it with a fresh focus complimented with the brand new Airscape release 'My Love' featuring US vocalist JES, released late 2009 through Black Hole Recordings.
This single is followed by the highly anticipated release of Airscape’s album Now & Then.

Since 2013 Johan Gielen continues his Airscape project together with Virtual Vault
Along with 'Endless Forever'[ Mixmag Tune of the month april 2013], the return of Airscape and summer's 'Welcome Home'& 'Promise' makes up the opening troika of Airscape's second album wich will be released in 2014!!

*Whether you’re a supporter of old school trance or a new school trance, if you’re into the genre Airscape is Magic!! *